Positive Input Ventilation Systems

What are Positive Input Ventilation Systems?

Positive Input Ventilation SystemsAre you concerned about the limited circulation in your energy-efficient home?  Positive Input Ventilation Systems are an air ventilation system which pushes air from you roof space into your house to help with poor circulation.  In some properties when the roof space is of cold roof construction and additional heat source can be added to stop the effects of blowing cold air into the house.

Why are PIVs important?

These are important to put a ventilation into areas where there is damp mildew or black spots on the wall paper.

We provide heat recovery systems that work well with the ventilation system to ensure a continuous supply of fresh and warm air.

Here is a list of benefits of Positive Input Ventilation:

  • Reduces dampness and condensation issues
  • Provides a constant supply of fresh and filtered air
  • Removes moulds and reduces musty odours
  • Low maintenance ventilation system
  • Reduces your heating cost

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